Brother Hamd

Meet our Bedouin friend Hamd (Abu Abdullah). We have been working with him for many years. He can organise everything from short trips to local Wadis by car or camel, Bedouin desert dinner, or excursions to Nabq Protected area and Ras Mohammed National Park.  Not only is he an excellent cook, but he will also tell you many interesting stories about desert life and how the Bedouins in the old days, some still, used plants for medicinal or other purposes.  The Arak plant, which is common in Nabq, was used in folk medicine, e.g. for treating poisonous bites, and the fruit for treating stomach problems. The twig of an Arak plant can be used as a toothbrush. They are now sold in many Western countries as an alternative to the plastic toothbrushes.  

The Sinai desert is the best place to relax, away from noise and light pollution. The star lit sky during a desert dinner is one of our guests’ most memorable experiences. Come and enjoy the beauty of Sinai with us, and a nice (and very sweet) cup of Bedouin tea with fresh herbs from the desert!